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All of us don’t want to make a comparison between the fake Oakley staff and the original clean weasel roads of the same color and the same color, so this is about Foakleys. This is the frame that looks a bit like this. foakleys baseball

Like a matte surface like a clear finish this is a regional frame just saying like a matte finish everything is just done in more detail, just feel higher hands, let’s see their nose clips look like here Opening is very simple, when you ride a bike and run, it just jumps around, I just want to walk the image away I want to consider sticking this part to the frame, so I will move, but I want to see me Is it possible to put this lens into a fake frame so I waited so the thing is just walking around and feeling cheap. You know that it is white from the rain. foakleys amazon

You see the original one you have to actually pull it to move it and have a resilience It feels like it just shuts it down. If there is no problem for a week, it won’t move in all the places where it stays, because you and I don’t know. Can you see it but I will try to tell you that this part is shorter here, it is wider here. foakleys jawbreaker

I can say that this glass is original and it is safer to keep it safe on your face, so it feels a bit loose, so I think you are likely to give up those you like I don’t like, know maybe you will ride a mountain bike and jump those that will better move those who will keep your head safe on your face so it is also an important thing, glasses The lens in the area is like a red surface with a reddish purple hue, which is like a yellow blue hue, Oakley Prism Oakley Prism, if you want to expand these things, it turns out just to open very well, simple sliding is also very good It’s very easy like oil or something close to it is also very good, it’s easy to fake it feels a bit cheap, but finish work, just I don’t know if it doesn’t feel like quality but it works twenty dollars it is pretty good so yes this is A frame comparing glasses, let’s see how easy it is to open this replacement lens. foakleys vs oakleys

So I will open the fake first one you just pull the nose Just pull the nose of something to open it then you grab the plastic black frame and pull it down then just grab your lens and you see the original ones now feel like a stretch it so pull it open it and the same way just put black Pulling the frame down and taking off your lens Let’s see how easy it is to put the lens back now. Let the original lens slide the lens down first to pull the lens back to the biggest thing so don’t touch the lens and scrape it. foakleys holbrook

Pull back and then pull back the nose stuff and easily close it without problems let us see the fake like I said this good thing is that you can make it fixed it always moves so you have to grab it you put basically your hand Yes, the frame moved a little bit so it’s not that easy, but it’s just off the nose stuff working the same metal, you have glasses I think this one original feels more like a quality safe shorter frame so it’s better than the face Safer, and this cheaper and cheaper frame is cheaper than the lens, but it just feels cheaper, but this is $20, which is $150 if I will be on budget I will buy this shot and put it in this frame, so at least I have a good lens, yes, this is comparing me’ll also show that the box you saw the original box is like a pretty box, so It puts a pocket and some replacement nose and glass itself. Of course this must work. foakleys aliexpress

So this is a black and yellow cloth neck, such as making an adapter or just making a small box for your neck, the hard shell is a little bigger than the original, so it is I want to make another video. foakleys reddit

I want to put this lens in this frame and see how it works, thank you for watching and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments. custom foakleys

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