Hello everyone, welcome to ride the bike first in a cheap and expensive way. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to today’s sponsor Cameron Jeffers, let me borrow his glasses and compare them with my cheap cheap goods and listen to me know him. It is sponsored by Oakley and it is not behind lemony so I really appreciate you but it is not even clean them. I hate to expose him so look at the dirt. cheap oakley sunglasses free shipping

What do we do before we are very dairy I will clean up these camps I am sorry partner, But we can’t produce high quality video with low quality dirty glasses, so these are very clean. Look at these glasses that we bleach into these sunglasses. I can see some glasses that bleach the Kanta blind test time. Ok, my assistant is not rejecting the camera. She will choose one randomly, she will put them on my eyes and then I will go out and prepare your assistant and put it on my helmet. I know which one they are direct, yes, they are Destiny, yes, we can’t do this because I know where I put it, it doesn’t matter. You mix them on the table and try to do another Oakley’s. cheap oakley sunglasses china

I know that blind test failures. I know exactly which ones are in the middle of my workout. Now we have been riding for nearly an hour. I just exchanged them so I immediately Putting the cheap version out of the moment I can feel the difference so the test is done. It is done in about five minutes. cheap oakley polarized sunglasses

I immediately realize the difference. First of all it is suitable, once you put the opal in them they feel comfortable and it is safe and stable, although you Know that you wear them. Once you start wearing them, you forget you. ‘Once you wear a cheap version, as long as they keep on them, they just never feel safe on your head, I start to make me feel depressed. fake oakley sunglasses amazon

I started letting you scroll. You raised your eyebrows and they started to move. These Oakley’s are just stable. If we go back to the office, Kris will tell us something about the prism lens on Oakley. I will take you out of here, so I hope we can develop Out of this prism lens, basically what it is. It looks good. It is really blood. cheap oakley baseball sunglasses

Really because oh I didn’t realize that they built a specific prism lens for different specific sports so you are like a golf lens with a road lens and a tracking lens fishing lens, basically they can use that lens to allow certain colors than others The color is more, so instead of it basically I said that it has basically been their bet 20 times so it does nothing more than your eyes, just darkens like a normal sunglasses and they actually darken something But allow more light to pass through, so you can see the fine details of the road you can see I will tell you what it says here so for these prisons, you can more easily find the danger to distinguish on the road Subtle changes, so if there is a crack, if there is a stone, the lens will make the road sign more vivid, so they are the brightest, you can see them, you will get more vivid surrounding colors, so this is my personal Introduction Just like some of your videos can’t tell why it’s better you can see the subtle changes in the differences but Until you actually explain then you can go back and see so I am going back to the road now if I can find the difference now, I know what the difference should be, you know what it is, I will tell him this is subtle unless someone Explain to you, you may never realize but I just went outside to look at my car behind and I put these on the right and didn’t really notice then I put the gender my nope is on the right side of the boom suddenly in the car At the back you can see that you can see more of the shape of the car when you put them on it is to flatten the things in the car and the car behind him becomes flat but here you can see all the ridges and All the changes in the texture and all the changes in the shape around the back of the car are the same as the floor. wholesale authentic oakley sunglasses

You can see more details and continue it is the only soul, but it’s really amazing to tell you the creek before I go. replica oakley sunglasses ebay

Put it in front of the camera so people can see so you can see if they can see the difference there m1 now I know you watched this video through the lens through the lens But if I take you into one of the shots, you will find it is it, then the next one is that it sits correctly waiting for what you can tell. [Applause] Well, you know that I have been trying for an hour now. oakley sunglasses sale $25

Do you get this conclusion in the best time? I want to be as concise as possible and not like the stupid tangent I have been doing. I try to keep it as short as possible, not expensive glasses. What is this?

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Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. Shot by:@_mr.entertainer #India #TamilNadu #portrait #people #…
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