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3 Reasons You’re Wearing The WRONG Sunglasses & Frames! (NOT Your Face Shape)

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The gentlemen are very happy to see you see that you see you slick right. Let’s start the gentlemen running to grab your glasses and your sunglasses. I will wait. Sorry, I am so cool, I want you to catch these. The reason is because today I will tell you to unlock a little secret, most people don’t know what they are looking at when buying or buying cheap sunglasses and glasses. cheap sunglasses ray ban

It’s actually a tiny number on the inside of the arm. It’s all about understanding this. The three small numbers mean that the three small numbers that are often overlooked are the key to choosing the best frame for your face shape, and completely reduce your chance to try to find the best frame after frame one frame after another.

The time to pair the frame. For you, these three numbers are the difference between finding the perfection, maybe a little better, their work is a bit. I said the perfect baby today. I have worked with my favorite online retailer and got amazing amazing glas. cheap polarized sunglasses

The ses and shades glasses on the US website, which happens to be today’s video sponsors, in my opinion, this is an incredible price for glasses to get the incredible prescription framework online for the best location in the US 2,500 different frames to choose from, these happen to be Ray Ban I get them from glasses, so they sell designer brands, but they also sell some of their own brands, this one from the brand Muse these are dumb Light black with shiny temples I really like the trading of these glasses is their glasses starting at $48. cheap gradient sunglasses

This includes prescription lenses and free shipping internet has made buying a lot of things cheaper, more affordable glasses is one of the most important, you You can go to glasses and save 70% off, you will provide a place like you, you will find another in the mall Mirroring America’s cool stuff, my favorite ass is called a virtual mirror, you go to upload your own photos and then you go try all the different frames and styles you go to. best cheap sunglasses

You try a bunch of different frames when you When you find the frame you like, you can add your prescription bingo-bango to ship them to you, and you have 100% satisfaction with American glasses. cheap wholesale sunglasses

Where I Buy My CHEAP Prescription Glasses!

Com they have a 14 day money back guarantee, so you have to try them, if it is not right, for whatever reason, they will make the correct free return free shipping, just like I said they are the best because The price of glass is so incredible that you have the ability to get some different pairs so that you can change it to experiment just imagine them as an accessory, you can turn off a super sexy accessory that you can below The handsome gentleman link on the discount has some cash on some sick ass frame, so let’s talk about the three small numbers in your arm or temple. Here are three numbers, we’re going to discuss The first number is the length of the temple, so most people donโ€™t know the length of the temples of a pair of glasses can change. This is a very important reason.

You get the correct length because the glass wonโ€™t fall. You donโ€™t want a big one. The long piece extends out of the back. I think you can actually tell you more easily whether the temples on these glasses are normal. cheap sunglasses for men

I look like this on my head. Something to notice how the temple came and just around my ear, this is actually to keep the glasses my face and the safer these temples are 145, so when I put them you can see there A gap, there is a lot of space between my ears and the ears here is good or here you can see that these are a lot better for me so when I buy or buy a new pair of frames or I am buying a new pair of tones When I need to make sure they are 140, have you ever seen someone wearing a pair of glasses and they just don’t like them even after hanging in the ear because there are 140 and they need a 145 second number we want to talk about Is the bridge measurement refers to the gap between the lenses is good, the bridge measurement is 24 these are 14 these are all 14 these are 24 notices 14 how narrow this is, so when I correctly noticed that I got from the glasses to my cheeks The reason for the gap is because when I put them on the right side, the glasses are measured very small and basically lie on my cheeks. This is something you want to avoid. cheap sunglasses amazon

First, but because of the stimulus and other reasons, do not want your glasses to rest on your cheeks, another problem is that the wider bridge is that it has a tendency to fall, this is a bridge of 20 or more and greater than 14 The measurement notices a lot of gaps which feels very good these are 21 such feelings and fit my face and my nose very good. urban sunglasses cheap

The light ban is also my prescription for getting these from glass is 19, although these lenses are a bit big, they are still not placed on my cheeks, because the bridge measurement is correct, the lens lets us talk about the third measurement, the third number refers to How big is the width of the lens and lens, why is this important, because you have to make sure that you wear a pair of glasses that fits your face. This example is 49. The width is 49.

It fits my face very well but not too wide. The width is 51 so big but not crazy now this lens is 54 so big these start to become a bit wide right but these widths are 58 pairs, you can say these glasses are too big for my face I know they are sexy I A little digging I’m actually a gentleman here’s a deal.

I hope you can learn something from it. If you understand what kind of numbers you are looking for, if you have a pair, it’s right for you.

Looks like the incredible glasses look great. The kind of glasses that stay on your face look at the size you need to buy these three numbers, or what you really need to know is just that you know if you are Take a look at a pair of glasses, or if you shop online, you can look at it because all the glasses will say you know which size and size is right for your face, and this is the most important aspect of choosing the perfect frame or shadow for you. Services

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